Commercial Insurance in Marshall Texas

Our business is protecting your business

business property liability insurance in marshallA quote in less than 15 minutes… it takes us longer and you will be glad it did!  

We represent a lot of companies… we ask each to give you their best deal.

We ask a few more questions… but we do it to build the best policy with the best price and coverage for you.

Don’t you think it is important that we take the time you deserve?
Just between you and me, I think you deserve more than 15 minutes of our time.

From the traditional main street mom and pop business to a business run out of your home, there are unique coverage issues. There is no way to list all that we can cover. What we specialize in is helping you figure out what gaps you have. I can’t stress it enough: find an agent who not only has the markets and know how, but also the desire to figure out what your needs are. This is not code for “spend a lot of money and buy coverages you don’t really need”—but helping you figure out what is relevant and prioritizing your needs. I don’t need you working on Sundays to pay for insurance. I need you working on Sunday because you are too busy—because you have more time to focus on what you do instead of worrying about insurance. Let us worry about it. We make it our business to protect your business.

When it comes to commercial insurance, your exposure as a business owner comes down to two main issues: liability and property. What we must determine for you is - Who owns it? And who uses it? Two simple questions that require us to spend a great deal of time navigating the subcategories of each as it relates to your business is important.

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