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Property insurance marshall txA quote in less than 15 minutes… it takes us longer and you will be glad it did!

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By asking a few more questions, we at SIG Insurance Services can make sure you are covered, and you will not have so many questions at claim time.

Property Insurance is a term for various types of insurance that protect the things you own (see the box to your right... your other right!)  It’s important to remember that property insurance doesn’t cover absolutely everything (in fact it probably covers a lot less than you thought.) For instance, homeowners insurance can cover traditional things like your garage, but the boat you have parked in it will need its own policy.

Homeowners Insurance Marshall Texas

Homeowners Insurance Marshall Texas

home owners insurance company in marshall tx

Homes come in all shapes and sizes (and so do insurance policies.) Our goal is to make sure you are in good shape after a claim—and just as important—it is the right size for your pocketbook. Besides its shape and size, where it sits, and how long it’s been sitting there, makes a difference. We also worry about what is sitting around it and in it. Too many times, clients assume home insurance covers a lot more than just the house—but it doesn’t. Learning what is not covered is just as important as learning what is covered.

Remember how much time you took selecting the paint, kitchen cabinets, flooring, window treatment, and all the other stuff for your home? We take that same approach when selecting your insurance. But we do it for you! (And you will be glad we did once you learn the pallet of options is as diverse as your paint selection.)

By asking a few more questions, we at SIG Insurance Services can make sure you are covered, and you will not have so many questions at claim time.

Flood and Earthquake Insurance Marshall Texas

Flood and Earthquake Insurance Marshall Texas

The standard homeowners' policy doesn't cover floods. So a homeowner wanting coverage for either of those disasters will need to pick up separate, specific policies against those types of disasters. And everyone can buy flood insurance - no if and or buts about it!

The same is true for earthquakes.

Renters Insurance Marshall Texas

Renters' Insurance Marshall Texas

Understanding your coverage is essential when you own a home or rent a house, condo, apartment, or any other dwelling.

Homeowners insurance is not the same as renters insurance, and the difference is important. Homeowners insurance is more expensive, but you’re ensuring the safety of your building and your belongings. Even if your landlord is insured, landlords insurance only covers the building. To protect your belongings, you’ll need your own renters' insurance in Marshall, TX. Our agents will show you how to understand your coverage.

Umbrella Insurance Marshall Texas

Umbrella Insurance Marshall Texas

Umbrella Insurance is aptly named. Its purpose is to provide an overlapping layer of liability protection in case of a “rainy day.”

This rainy day comes when you max out your insurance and decide it is not enough. It’s important to note that your raincoat and galoshes should be securely in place before resorting to an umbrella. In other words, you MUST max out your existing coverage before adding Umbrella Insurance in Marshall, TX.

Examples of Property Insurance:

Mobile home
Farm and Ranch
Landlord Policy
Second/Vacation Homes