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The website guys say folks, who click around, want to know about you as a person. My first question is, “what do you want to know?” Because I am not real sure how to best approach the topic of me – the who, what, when, and how. Do I give you my generic interview/resume response, my pageantry answer, or do you want more in-depth insight? If so, give me a second to lie down on a couch! I’ll warn you ahead of time, by the time you finish reading this, you may very well decide I need to spend more time on a couch.

The classic question everyone asks when they first meet someone is “what do you do for a living?” This question always tickles me, because most folks use the question’s answer to measure a person. How I make a living does not define me. Nor do I define any person by their choice of employment. For that reason, I rarely ask anyone what he or she does for a living. The real question is, “what do you do when you are not at the job?”

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Doug’s Crazy Skills

thanksgiving-cardProud to be
I am a proud local boy

I love this area. I think there is so much to love about our area, the Ark-La-Tex. Nearby floats one of the prettiest lakes ever – Caddo Lake. Marshall is a great little town. I love the small town cheesy stuff. When you go to one of our parades, half the town is there; the other half is in the parade. You can still let your kids run and play. When I move from here, it will be six feet down. Many of my prayers focus on being a better person – a better dad, husband, neighbor, and insurance person. With that thought in mind: my kids like me, my wife has not left, the neighbors wave, we have more clients today than we had yesterday, and I know Jesus loves me. About now, a few of you are probably suggesting I spend a little time praying for writing skills!

I am very proud to be an insurance agent

I work long, hard hours and, for the most part, I enjoy every day. My motto is: Monday is the best day of the week because you have all week to work. Friday is a sad day because the workweek is over. I started working in the insurance industry in 2000 and opened my own agency in 2004. In a separate section, I spend a great deal more time on our agency mission and history.

  • I am smart enough to know how dumb I am
  • I like details but love the big picture
  • I am a serious guy who is always looking for the humor in life
  • I will stop and ask for directions, but I love the sights discovered when lost
  • “Some assembly required” is music to my ears
  • The glass is always half full
  • “It is what it is…” stumbles out of my mouth daily

I am a very good artist

Something completely out of left field: I am a very good artist. I have painted seriously since the age of eleven. In fact, I have a master’s level degree in studio art. How did I get from the studio to an insurance agency? It is a long story. Short version: my family is first, second, and last on my list of priorities. The insurance business allows me to provide for them.

I am an okay guy and a very good agent

Talking about oneself is tough stuff. I think it is hard to do it within the parameters of this format. I think what is important that you know about me is this: I am an okay guy and a very good agent, who works hard to discover the very best price and protection for your needs. I think there is so much more to your insurance policy than, “sign here, here, and here and your down payment is…” Bottom line: We try to take the cussing and fussing out of insurance, especially when it comes to claims. Lastly, if you are still reading, then you are someone I want to meet, and I would very much like to help you with your insurance needs.

Our Team Members

marsall texas business liability insurance agency

Douglas D. Heard - Managing Agent/Owner

car insurance companies in marshall texas

DeAnn M. Heard - Agent/Office Manager

marshall texas house insurance umbrella insurance

Debra Hatfield - Personal Lines Agent

property insurance motorcycle insurance in marshall tx

Cassity Fleet - Commercial Lines Agent

property insurance motorcycle insurance in marshall tx

Kirby Winn - Office Staff

marshall texas business liability insurance agency

John P. Ellis - Agent

marshall texas business liability insurance agency

Tony Glanton - Agent

auto insurance car insurance companies in marshall tx

Robert Jimerson, III - Agent

auto insurance car insurance companies in marshall tx

Jessica Grier - Agent



  • Farm bureau agent 1999 – 2003
  • SIG 2003 – present
    Agent Advisory Board member 2009-2012
  • Hochheim Insurance Company
    Agent Advisory Board member 2011-2014
  • Mason, Waskom Lodge 2013 - present
  • United Way, Marshall,TX Board Member 2012-2015
  • GCLA Greater Caddo Lake Association
    Board member 2013-present
    President 2015 – 2017
  • Rotary Club of Marshall 2013 – present
    Assistant Treasury
  • BNI Business Network Incorporated
    Income by Referrals Marshall Chapter
    Member 2009-present
    President 2014
    Education Chairperson 2015
    Mentor Chairperson 2015


Our mission is simple: to marry the benefits of the larger insurance carriers with the benefits of local, down-home service – the kind of attention our clients have forgotten they deserve.

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